Looking for a new planer?

Well, look no further! This line will provide quality work at affordable prices. With a wide assortment of options to choose from, we’ve done the work and made it easy for you to choose the right one for your needs.

Love woodworking?

Whether it’s your daily job or a new hobby, a planer will make the work a little better. Get that pesky warped board straightened out. Shave millimeters off of that board that’s just a little too thick. Smooth out that beautiful piece of re-claimed, rough cut wood.

Cutech models can do that for you!

In a matter of minutes, you can take a shoddy piece of wood and turn it into something wonderful. Just set the blade depth, lock it down and feed the board into it to give you something to work with. It’s a great investment for anybody working with wood.

In a Rush?

40200 HC-CT

Snipe lock and carbide tipped blades pull the Cutech 40200 HC-CT to the top of our list!

5 Top Choices on the Market

5 Great Selections for Your Projects

1. 40200 HC-CT

Wondering about Cutech vs. DeWalt?

Well, this model has carbide tipped blades, DeWalt does not. It also has a feature called Snipe Lock, so that the first end fed into it doesn’t end up with a “dip” in it. Those two features give the 40200 HC-CT an edge over the competition. Reviewers note that this machine is also much quieter than others.

A powerful 15-amp motor eats through even the hardest of woods. Reviewers have noted that this mighty machine shaves oak like a straight razor through peach fuzz!

26 two-sided carbide blade inserts are long-lasting and replaceable, ensuring that you have sharp blades.

14” x 14” extra-large infeed and outfeed tables provide plenty of room for bigger boards.

Slide depth stop makes it easy to adjust the depth of the cut. That’s helpful when running a lot of different sized stock through the machine.

And let’s not forget about the Snipe Lock. You won’t have to glue an end piece on or run a sacrificial piece through (in the beginning) with this model. It keeps the blades from creating that little “dip” when the board is first pushed through, saving you time and money!

With a price under $700, this excellent tool will bring you a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment on your next project.

2. 40200H-CT

Built to work!

This model has everything you need to get the job done, including a robust 15-amp motor that can handle any wood you can throw at it.

The spiral cutter head has 26 two-sided HSS (high speed steel) inserts, ensuring a smooth finish on your boards and long blade life. Blades are one-piece, extruded steel, not segmented, powdered steel so they’re strong, easy to replace and leave the wood with a very smooth surface. 

Reviews state that the surface is so smooth it almost doesn’t need sanding!

Extra-large, 14” x 14” infeed and outfeed tables can handle larger pieces of stock.

Slide depth stop and a built-in dust port add to the ease of use and just overall likeability of this rugged tool.

Anything to make the job easier, right?

Snipe Lock also comes standard on the 40200H-CT. Just lock it down and forget about it! It’ll keep the wood from slipping so that it doesn’t “snipe” the tip of the board. Let the tool do the work.

Coming in under $630, this tool is a must have for every shop. There’s no time like the present to buy this present!

3. 40600H-CT

Need to plane some face frames?

No problem! Oak or ash, poplar or pine – it makes no difference to this great device.

The quick set depth stop is exactly like the one on the professional model, making this a great choice for advanced woodworkers.

With 26 two-sided cutting inserts that can be easily indexed, this tool will get the job done.

Driven by a rip-roaring 15-amp motor, there’s no stock too tough for this tool.

The 14” x 9” infeed and outfeed tables are just the right size for most cabinet work and other fine woodworking projects.

Another great feature is the 4 leveling screw posts to help eliminate snipe – which is two more than most options have – giving you greater control.

A solid aluminum base and carriage, encased in stamped steel, make this strong and durable, but also lightweight. Great for taking to and from job sites!

Repeat cut pre-sets make your life easier!

Convenient, single screw access panel for fine tuning the presets.

Less than $550 and you can take it home with you! Build your own cabinet face frames, smooth down some re-claimed wood or use it on your next furniture build. It’ll make the cut every time!

4. 40100H-CT

Looking for your first planer? Or are you a serious hobbyist?

This model was made for you!

It’s got a lot of the features of the working-class machines at a price that won’t shave a layer off of your budget.

Boasting the same 15-amp motor that delivers 10,000 RPM and 26 FPM on the professional grade tools, this model will make short work of long jobs. It’s a powerhouse!

26 two-sided, extruded HSS cutters can chew through the toughest wood and it comes with all of the tools needed to change out the cutters.

Knives don’t have to be rotated or completely replaced. You can replace just the cutters that are worn out and you can align the cutter heads. That’ll save you a lot of time and money!

2 ½” and 4” dust ports help to keep your work area clean. Plus, a unique dust chute design virtually eliminates tear-out due to poor chip extraction.

Any serious hobbyist would love this machine! It’s got the power and a lot of the bells and whistles of more expensive tools but a lower price point. It’s a perfect pick for a picky hobbyist or part-time woodworker. Let the woodchips fly!

5. 40700H-CT

Finally! An affordable spiral style planer that works fantastically. This budget-friendly model will make short work of your woodworking jobs so why not throw it on your wish list?

24 two-sided, HSS cutting tips will make a smooth cut every time. And, they’re easy to replace, extruded steel and stay sharp for a long time.

A head-strong 15-amp motor easily peels off the layers of wood that you need gone at 10,000 RPM and 26 FPM. No problems with power here!

The well-placed depth of cut indicator blade lets you see exactly what you’re removing from the stock. No more guessing! Just set it and forget it.

Longer than standard infeed and outfeed tables were created to meet actual customer demands. Way to go, Cutech!

Oh yeah – and there’s an added bonus – this one comes with a 2 ½” dust port and a 4” adapter to help keep your shop clean.

This is an easy choice to make. Under $380 and you’ve got a spiral style tool with high speed steel cutters, great adjustment capabilities and everything you need to show off your woodworking skills. No need to wait on this one – it’s worth its weight in ironwood!

Final Verdict

The Top Cutech Planer for the Money

40200 HC-CT

Flattening out the competition is the Cutech 40200 HC-CT!

It’s a tough competitor with carbide tipped blades and a snazzy Snipe Lock that will ultimately save you labor, material and money.

Our list covers a lot of great models that will work for the professional and hobbyist alike, but this one will work for anyone, period.

It’s a show stopping top performer.

If you can spare the change, work up to this professional model and you’ll be glad you did.

Choosing a planer just got a little easier, didn’t it?