Owning a planer is a must have for many of those who work with wood, including both professionals and hobbyists. A planer will carefully remove a thin layer from a piece of wood to make it smoother and more level, and many models can accommodate different sized boards or sheets.

Our Best Dewalt Planer

Dewalt DW735 Two-Speed Thickness

Though DEWALT makes some best planer products, we highly recommend the DW735 Two-Speed Thickness, which is our top choice.

This package comes with both knives and tables that you can use for feeding wood through the tool. The DW735 is easily the best package and the ideal tool that you can get for the money today.

Our Top Dewalt Planer Picks

The Top Dewalt Planer Reviews

DW735 Two-Speed Thickness

To find the best planer from DEWALT, we looked at price, the features of each product and what comes with that tool, which all helped the DW735 Two-Speed Thickness Package quickly rise to the top of the pack.

This product features a two-speed gear box that lets you select between two different speed settings to make 96 or 179 cuts per inch, but regardless of which speed you choose, you’ll find that the tool will make thousands of cuts per second.

It uses three knives in its cutter head that come out easily and last up to 30% longer than any other knives will.

Designed for use in a number of different situations, this tool is great for those days when you need to use one in the field because it weighs less than other larger tools and has convenient carrying handles located right on the top of its case.

A hand wheel on the side turns to change the depth of your cuts, and you’ll find that this equipment can accommodate different types and sizes of wood too.

You can change the speed via a small switch on the front of the tool and bring it to a fast stop during an emergency after pressing the emergency stop button.

Using the fan-assisted vacuum system is a best way to clear away the sawdust and wood chips that stick to the product and to keep the motor free of that debris.

They created this package for those who wanted to save money on the cost of the product and other accessories. It comes with a set of knives that you can use inside the tool or as a back up in the future as well as longer infeed and outfeed tables that attach to the front and back of the tool.

DW734 15 Amp

With the DW734 15 Amp 12-1/2-Inch Benchtop planer, you can now create a set place in your studio or workshop for planing wood because this model uses a design that lets you use it on the floor or on a bench.

The four columns, which you can clearly see in each corner, create a stable base for working on and reduce the chances of the product sniping as you cut. Those columns also add extra stability that will keep the tool from shaking or moving in any other way while using it.

If you typically use real hardwood, you’ll appreciate the 20,000 RPM, 15 motor that comes with this product because it lets you cut through any type of wood you can name and make cuts faster.

As it has three knives in its cutter head with an RPM rating of 10,000, the tool can make up to 96 cuts in a single inch to give wood such a smooth finish that you may not even need to sand that wood later.

Those knives will last up to 30% longer than the knives found on other products and are disposable, which makes it easier to swap out or replace those knives later.

As one of the only portable benchtop tools on the market, the DW734 is perfect for taking to any type of job site for making cuts and smoothing out the boards that you need on various projects.

An infeed table on the back helps you move the board inside the tool, while the outfeed table will catch the board as it comes out the other side. They looked at other products and decided to make these tables longer to give you more support and to help you get a handle on any sheets or boards that you might need to cut.


You can’t always use a dedicated wood tool that has its own table because you may not have enough space for one of those models, but no matter how big or small your work space is, you should have enough room for this DCP580B 20V, which is more compact in design.

This planer has a brushless motor that requires less maintenance than traditional motors do, and most find that its motor lasts longer too. That motor can make more than 30,000 cuts in a single minute, which will give any wood board that smooth surface necessary for your project.

Depending on the boards you use and the project you want to do, you may need to make deeper cuts or cuts that are more shallow, and you can actually decide on the depth of your cuts with the depth adjustment knob on the front of the tool.

This black knob has yellow measurement markings on the edges that are easy to see and let you make cuts as deep as 5/64-inch. Shoes made from aluminum on both the front and back ensure that cuts are parallel and that each cut that you make lines up perfectly with the next.

Whether you work on the ground or on a table/cabinet without a lot of space nearby, you’ll like that this device has a built-in kickstand that lets you leave it sitting right on top of your wood without it gouging or otherwise damaging that wood. The DCP580B is also perfect for those who work in the field and do not have electrical outlets nearby because it works like a cordless power tool.

They lets you power this with the same lithium-ion battery that you use for other power tools, which you can charge in chargers offered by the company.

DW680K 7 Amp

Whether you want to make a piece of wood slightly smoother before adding paint or stain, or you need to level out wood boards, this DW680K 7 Amp can help.

As a hand-held planer, the DW680K is easy to use and lets you plane for hours without feeling any cramps or discomfort in your hands because it has a larger handle that you can wrap your entire hand around and a trigger that you pull with one or more fingers to run the device.

With its 7 amp motor, you won’t have any problems smoothing out a heavy piece of wood or even a piece of harder wood. One benefit of using a hand-held tool like this one is that you can use it on even the widest and longest of boards.

With some products, you can only use boards of a specific thickness or width, but this product gives you the chance to make multiple passes over a board and completely remove all the excess wood that you need.

An aluminum shoe on the front of the tool makes it easier to line up your next pass to ensure that each pass you make matches up with the last one you made.

When you need to do some framing or edging, you can use this tool with sharper blades that spin at a faster rate, but you may find that the blade that comes with this tool is strong enough and sharp enough for most jobs.

The SW680K has even sides that use the same type of aluminum as the shoe does to create a flatter and more even design that works well when rabbeting. It also comes with a carbide blade that will last over the course of dozens of jobs and a depth adjustment knob.

Our Favorite DEWALT Planer that’s Worth Your Money

DW735 Two-Speed Thickness

With the DW735 Two-Speed Thickness Package in your workshop or garage, you can make the smooth and even boards that you need for making new cabinets, furniture and any other project you have in mind.

It has a 20,000 RPM rating and a 10,000 RPM rating for its cutter head that lets you make cuts faster when working with larger and thicker boards.

Thanks to the fan-assisted vacuum, you can get rid of debris and waste from the product too.

As a two-speed thickness tool, the DW735 lets you pick the speed at which you want it to cut.

You can choose between a lower 96 or a higher 179 cuts per inch rating.

This product includes a bonus items with this package like infeed and outfeed tables and a new set of cutting knives.