Having a wood planer helps you create wood boards that are the perfect thickness and boards that are smooth to touch without using a sander. The Makita KP0800K is a great option for many shoppers because this is part of a kit that comes with both the tool and all the accessories that you need.

This is a hand-held planer with an ergonomic handle designed to reduce stress to help you plane all your boards without your hand cramping. We broke down the products into different categories like general specifications as well as its top pros and cons to help you decide whether this is the right tool for you.

Makita KP0800K

Pros and Cons


  • A cutter head made from two separate blades allows for cleaner cuts and removes more wood with each pass that you make.
  • The powerful motor found in this tool produces up to 17,000 revolutions per minute and removes wood faster.
  • On the base of the wood work tool is a spring-loaded stand that lifts the base off the table or any other surface to keep the blades from causing damage.
  • Thanks to a simpler blade system and an included wrench, you can quickly change the blade on this tool to replace your old blade or to use a new type.
  • With the lock on button, you can set the blade speed and lock that blade in place for the continuous operation of the tool.
  • The depth adjustment knob works like a clicking dial and lets you twist that knob to reach a specific depth of up to 3/32 of an inch.
  • Comes with a limited one-year warranty from the manufacturer that covers the blade, motor and other parts of the woodwork tool.
  • Features carbide blades with double edges that provide smoother cuts on all types of wood.
  • Includes a tool case with cut-out spaces inside that support the product, the wrench and all other accessories.
  • Features an ergonomic handle with rubber grips on other parts of the planer to reduce pain and discomfort when using it.
  • Has a built-in front shoe that creates smoother and more even cuts.


  • Some shoppers are unhappy that they did not include all the accessories needed for using this tool like a chip bag to capture the wood chips it produces.
  • When using the product without a chip bag, it releases a large number of chips and shavings that can get in your way.


  • Adjustable planing depth lets you remove up to 3/32 of an inch from the top of the board and plan a width of more than three inches at the same time
  • Comes with a socket wrench and blade set for fast changes of the blade
  • Weighs just 5.7 pounds and is lightweight enough for carrying and using on the job
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    Works with any standard 110 volt outlet or electrical system
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    Has a longer cord placed on the back to keep it out of the way and to help you use it in more places
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    Its ergonomic design features a balance placed near the center to reduce fatigue and discomfort
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    Made from aluminum
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    Will work with the higher speed blades that are available separately
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    Poly-v belt drive system adds to the life of the planer
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    Is available with a hard-sided carrying case that protects the tool from drops and other accidents


Makita KP0800K

There are dozens of different wood tools for sale online today, including those that are larger and heavier as well as some models that come with a rechargeable battery.

When comparing this product to some of those other tools though, you’ll quickly discover that this one is great for using at home and on any job site.

Not only does it weigh less than six pounds, but this tool comes with its own hard-sided carrying case that can accommodate the tool and your accessories too.

Even if you need to plane dozens of pieces of wood for an upcoming project, this product is a good choice.

It has an aluminum shoe on the front that helps you line up cuts and make smoother cuts as well as an ergonomic handle. This handle lets you keep the pressure on the trigger and move the tool where you need the tool to go without any discomfort.

The continuous on the button makes this tool even easier to use because it lets the motor run continuously until you turn it off.

The main downside to the KP0800K is that it doesn’t come with a chip bag, which means that any waste you produce will run right across your work area. It’s hard to find a bag that will fit this model too.

That is really just a minor problem though. The pros of this tool far outweigh any of the cons.

We think that hobbyists and professionals will find this tool useful.